Words persuade, engage and inspire. They let people know who you are and what you do. They create relationships. They have power.

A good copywriter gets to know you and then sculpts a unique voice on your behalf. The advent of social media has increased the need for good copywriting because your customer base will expect you to engage with them through Facebook and Twitter on a very regular basis, as well as through the more traditional media such as email, websites and newsletters. The quality of the content they read is what will make them want to engage with you, to share your content and so grow your community. You need to constantly update the content you post, not only to your website to ensure it stays at the top of the ever-evolving page ranking systems, but to your social media to ensure that your audience stays engaged and motivated to follow you. All of this takes time, effort and expertise. You may have a more visual business to market, in which case you will need to regularly upload pictures to Pinterest and Instagram. Ensure your brand is represented consistently, professionally and regularly, without taking up too much of your precious time, by letting a Hootsuite Certified social media manager look after it for you.

Let Fortis Anemone provide you with your voice and engage your community, allowing you to focus your efforts on the aspects of your business you do best.

There are many digital marketing companies out there, all promising sales and corporate glossiness. for many people this is overwhelming and more than what either they or their business needs. We offer something different. Working predominantly with small businesses, community interest companies and charities, we aim to build communities and increase engagement. Instead of targets and jargon, we promise to get you know you and your business, and be as passionate about spreading the word as you are. So whether you are going travelling and want to start a blog, have a craft stall that needs a Facebook page,  run a charity event that needs promotion or a manage a CIC that wants to grow it’s community reach: we are the people to help you.

Most of our packages are bespoke so get in touch to see how we can help you. Alternatively, take advantage of our current special offer here!

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