Social Media Community Management

It is now a fact of life that every business, no matter how big or small, needs a social media presence. Customers and clients expect to find you online; social media allows you to find them. At first, most small businesses can run their own accounts, but soon you may find that the time spent posting and replying is eating into your work-time or maybe you have been neglecting it as work has increased. Or perhaps your business needs a more professional appearence. 

If this is the case, then the time is right to find someone to manage your social media for you.

A professional can create and curate content for your various social media platforms much more efficiently than you can, meaning the posts become more productive and organised. They can track engagement with different types of content and so ensure that posts become more effective over time. They can provide you with data about your client base that might help improve the services you offer. They can even interact with your clients on your behalf, becoming your virtual assistant.

Fortis Anemone’s founder, Victoria Browne, has Hootsuite certified professional status. Hootsuite is the industry leader in social media management software, so having a certified professional running your account ensures that you are getting the best possible management available. 

HootSuite Certified Professional

Case study:
A small business is opening locally, selling vintage clothes and furniture. The owner doesn’t really understand social media but knows that it will help spread the word about their shop. They hire Fortis Anemone to set up Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts and make regular posts to all accounts, sending photographs of stock by email. This bypasses the need for a website and signposts all enquiries to the shop itself. Set up cost: £100, management costs: £40 per month. 

Case study:
A local hairdressers has strong following on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. They regularly upload pictures to all three accounts, taking before and after shots on stylists’ own smartphones and uploading them to the various accounts. Some staff use Twitter, others Instagram, Facebook is often neglected. Images are not consistent in appearance and sometimes the text that accompanies them is not spellchecked or doesn’t have the right hashtags. Staff have also accidentally posted personal messages on company accounts, simply because they have not logged out or switched accounts. Once managed by Fortis Anemone all photographs are uploaded to a private Twitter account. They are then accessed by Fortis Anemone, given a custom border, described by a professional copywriter, given appropriate hashtags and then posted to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. All accounts now present a professional and coherent image and the visual power of Pinterest is leveraged to spread the brand awareness further. 20 photographs per month = £140. 

Case study: a community interest company has a Facebook page and Twitter account but no time to run it. Posts are scattered and sound very different depending on who has the time to post. Fortis Anemone take over and provide daily posts to both accounts with updates and curated content that position the company as a trusted source of inspiration. They also get their bi-monthly newsletter written via Mailchimp. Cost per month = £35

We wil engage your community, using graphic design and well crafted copy to show of what you do online. We don’t do pushy sales and we aren’t target driven. Instead, we promise to listen, to learn and to represent you authentically online. If this sounds like the service you need, get in touch!


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