Digital Coaching

Many people find social media and the digital world intimidating. If you spent most of your life without a computer and suddenly your phone can do everything but make you a cup of tea then it can seem like you will never catch up. That’s where I come in. With a background in teaching and an understanding of how to use social media and other digital communication, I can coach you through anything from setting up a Facebook page, creating your first blog or even the basic graphic design tricks that people use to make their posts look so good!

From one-to-one sessions to group presentations, I can support you and your business to get the most out of the digital age without using language you don’t understand or signing you up to expensive programmes. I just teach you a few tricks of the trade and you get a foot in the door.

Packages start from £40 for a 90 min session with follow up ‘how to’ guides, but can be tailored to your needs. So get in touch today to see how we can empower you.

*** watch this space – courses being rolled out across Merseyside in September – coming soon to a venue near you! ***


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