Finding a voice

Consistent brand voice is crucial when marketing your business through content. What does this mean for the small business, perhaps just starting to outsource for the first time?

When you first started your business you probably created most, if not all, of your own content. This will have worked one of two ways: either you created generic ‘business speak’ content that would make you sound professional, even if you didn’t feel it yet; or you kept it personal, aiming at friends and family to begin with. Whichever path you took, the chances are you will have outgrown it. You need to re-evaluate your content and enlist a copywriter.

This does not have to mean losing your identity. Just as we modify our language and tone dependent on the situation we are in, so should your online and printed content reflect both you and your context. Taking into account who you are and who you are talking to, as well as how and where those conversations are taking place, a good copywriter can create a voice for your business that is authentic and engaging.

For that is the skill of the copywriter: writing on behalf of someone else with integrity. It is not just about being able to write well; a good copywriter must understand both their client and their audience as well as the demands, speech patterns and idioms of the client’s industry. This is why the lure of the cheap, one off blog writer on a freelance website may be strong, but should be avoided. Real rewards come from developing a strong relationship with a trusted copywriter who can not just write, but find your voice for you.


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