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Finding a voice

Consistent brand voice is crucial when marketing your business through content. What does this mean for the small business, perhaps just starting to outsource for the first time?

When you first started your business you probably created most, if not all, of your own content. This will have worked one of two ways: either you created generic ‘business speak’ content that would make you sound professional, even if you didn’t feel it yet; or you kept it personal, aiming at friends and family to begin with. Whichever path you took, the chances are you will have outgrown it. You need to re-evaluate your content and enlist a copywriter. Continue reading


Target Audience

Determining target audience is one of the most crucial decisions that a business needs to make. How did Fortis Anemone determine theirs?

When I first set out to become a copywriter, I looked into the advice that was available to new businesses. I wanted to see what I could apply to my own fledgling business to give myself the best chance and the thing that kept jumping out at me was ‘choose a target audience’. Continue reading